Rachael Garcia
Service Officer - Air Force

Rachael Garcia is the Assistant Director of Veteran Affairs and Military Programs at the University of Rhode Island. She assists veterans, service members, and their families transitioning from military life to student life and beyond.
She is a nationally accredited Department Veteran Service Officer for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. She counsels, advises, and assists veterans and their dependents in obtaining state and federal benefits. Rachael has advocated through state and federal platforms to pursue pro-veteran language and policy for over 12 years, using research and rhetoric to succeed in policy change while developing programs designed to contribute to a successful transition. Rachael served in the Air Force 2005-2008. She assisted with aid and response due to Hurricane Katrina's aftermath while deployed to Louisiana in 2005, then deployed to Iraq in 2006 as a gunner and outside wire convoy security fire team leader. 

"I am a mother to a beautiful young woman and a little pup named Bella. I am originally from the Pacific Northwest, and I love granola." ;)