VFW in the Classroom

Every day, we strive to thank America's educators by providing them with helpful resources and encouraging our members to visit local classrooms. Let us help you educate America's future leaders and bring history to life!

Veterans play an essential role in educating our nation's youth about the founding principles upon which America was founded. As combat veterans, VFW members can provide students with a unique perspective about America's service members' sacrifices to maintain freedom for all of us.

A VFW member will prepare a brief introduction, the main presentation, and a Q&A session when visiting a classroom. Depending on the topic, a member may bring appropriate memorabilia, uniforms, photographs, and other relevant material.

American history is something we all share, and there's no one better to help tell that story than someone who's had a significant part in shaping it.

Email cmd@vfw152.org to arrange for a veteran to visit your classroom.

We also have educational items an educator might find helpful. Contact us if you would like us to provide any of the following education materials (please allow six weeks for delivery):

Children's Educational Coloring/Activity Book: 16-page coloring/activity book that tells a story and teaches valuable lessons. 8x10". Appropriate for elementary school age.

Pledge of Allegiance Coloring Book:An easy way for kids to learn the Pledge of Allegiance while they color. Interesting scenes tie in with phrases from the Pledge of Allegiance.

Young American Award:I Learned the Pledge of Allegiance Certificate. For grades K-3

America's White Table Book:The White Table is a symbol for service members fallen, are missing, or are held captive in the line of duty. That story is about Katie, and her sister helping set the white table for dinner as a special gift to their uncle.

Flag Questions and Answers:This 16-page brochure provides information about the U.S. flag with changes directed by Federal Flag Code. I

Citizenship Education Student Worksheet:11" x 17" red, white, and blue activity sheet with information on the presidents and the U.S. flag. It may be folded to place in a student's binder. Appropriate for grades 3-5.

Pledge of Allegiance Cards:The Pledge on the front. The American's Creed on the back.

Ten Short Flag Stories:A seven-page pamphlet of historical and informational material concerning the U.S. flag.

Etiquette of the Stars & Stripes:Two-color, 21-page booklet on proper usage of the flag, as directed by the Federal Flag Code. Appropriate for high school students and adults.